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Jordan is targeting 600 MW of solar PV and 1,200 MW of wind energy capacity as part of a program to increase the contribution of renewable energy to 10 percent of the fuel mix by 2020.

In 2014, Corys Environment co-financed with Adenium Energy Capital three 10MW solar PV power plants – Zahrat Al Salam, Al Ward Al Joury and Al Zanbaq – in Ma'an, south of Amman. The plants have an estimated project cost of $90 million and generate more than 78 GWh.

In the same year, Corys Environment secured an investment in the Project Company that executed a Power Purchase Agreement with Jordan’s National Electricity Power Co. to develop a 20 MW PV solar power plant at Husha, in Al-Mafraq.

Logistisud 1.3 MW, France

Location: Saint-Pierre, La Réunion
Surface covered: 9 500 m²
Installed Capacity: 1.3 MW
Status: in operation
System Type: Photovoltaic building integrated panels
Technology: Polycrystalline Sun Power 315 modules
GHG emission reduction per year: 1 341 tons of CO²
Power supply per year: Equivalent to 613 households

Laudun, 1.4 MW, France

Location: Gard, France
Surface covered: 55.000 m²
Installed capacity: 1,4 MW
Status: In operation
System type: Photovoltaic building integrated
GHG emission reduction per year: 112 tons of CO²
Power supply per year: Equivalent to 569 households

Saint Charles 8.8 MW, France

Location: Perpignan, France
Surface covered: 69 400 m²
Installed Capacity: 8.8 MW
Status: In operation
System Type: Photovoltaic building-integrated panels
Technology: Sunstyle PV Tiles manufactured by Saint Gobain
GHG emission reduction per year: 629 tons of CO²
Power supply: Equivalent to 3202 households
For more projects, please visit: https://www.akuoenergy.com/en/what-we-do/solar.html

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