Operation & Maintenance of Solar Rooftop

Operations are at the heart of our approach at SirajPower and one of the key drivers to deliver added value to our customers and investors. As long-term asset owners, building quality assets to last is of utmost importance to us, but operating these assets to maximize their performance throughout the term of our contract agreement is paramount to maximize the savings for our customers and deliver the financial returns expected by our investors.

In order to achieve outstanding operational performance, SirajPower has developed its own Operation and Maintenance (O&M) philosophy which is based on the strong technical and operational expertise of our managers and the transposition of operational principles and strategies used in more mature industries, such as the oil & gas or power generation industries.

Asset Management Department

SirajPower relies on the extensive experience of its founding partners, and in particular to the Asset Management department setup by Akuo Energy. Set up in 2009, our Asset Management department (in charge of Operations and Maintenance of all existing operating assets) monitors more than 40 power plants worldwide. Nearly 30 systems engineers, computer scientists and technicians are fully dedicated to the asset management activities.

The team is involved at the very early stages of each project and covers a full range of activities, such as check on-site safety and security, perform day-to-day quality control of output and power sales, plan inspections and repairs in a cost effective manner.

Maintenance reporting

When a maintenance operation is over, the maintenance team fills an operation form that sum-up the works made at site. It enables a proper tracking of the operations performed. Besides, this is also a useful input to follow operational costs and the unavailability of the plant or to calculate the frequencies of failures (MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures)...

This document associated with a quality management report, plays an important role on the interface between the operator and the maintenance teams.

Equipment and spare part management system

To ensure an efficient preventive, corrective and enhancive maintenance, and to guarantee the best availability of the plant, the operator has to implement a suitable procurement management for spare parts and consumables.

Among the commonly-used items, such as connectors, fuses, circuit breakers, the operator maintains a sufficient stock of spare parts to support operations and the repair or replacement of malfunctioning equipment that meet the daily needs. This stock should be maintained, monitored in using a dedicated software (critical quantity, order quantity, maximum quantity ...). On a yearly basis, an inventory is carried out that provides the operator with a full overview of the future requirements related to spare part management.